Swimsuit Shopping Tips: Three Myths about Bathing Suits, Debunked


Remember when you went shopping for a swimsuit with your BFF and you had your eye on a really cute navy bikini, but she told you that you should find a black monokini instead because it will make you look slimmer? Although she’s on point, black isn’t the only color that will make those curves disappear—dark green, brown, charcoal gray, plum, and yes, navy can do the trick as well. Makes you wish you could have gone with your guts that time, doesn’t it?

Like so much of a woman’s wardrobe pieces, bathing suits are largely misunderstood. Here are three myths about them that deserve to be put to rest once and for all. Keep these in mind the next time you shop for bathing suits in California.

swimsuit shopping tips

Myth #1: White bathing suits reveal too much.

This one is pretty easy to debunk. True, white cloth becomes see-through when wet, but modern white bathing suits come with a double or triple lining that cover any potential see-through, thereby preventing awkward situations. Even bikinis with perforated or textured styles have this.

Myth #2: Small-busted women need to pad their swimsuits for that extra oomph.

Small breasts are not the end of the world. Embrace your shape! Think of it this way—you get to fit into tops that women with larger chests can only wish they could! Deep necklines and bustier tops are bound to look good on you, whereas they would look somewhat indecent on other body types.

Myth #3: Bikinis with a larger bottom offer a more flexible fit.

Usually, it’s the opposite that’s true. If there’s too much cloth on the rear end, it can shift in ways that compromise comfort and support. When trying out a swimsuit in a store, make sure to try out different poses to see if it shifts in unwelcome ways. When shopping online, refer to the site’s fit guide and compare your current measurements.

Swimsuit shopping doesn’t have to be nerve-wracking. Use these tips to inject some fun and much-needed knowhow for a more informed and satisfying swimsuit purchase. For better convenience, look for a well-stocked online store like ChynnaDolls.com that offers a wide variety of California Waves swimwear and fast returns without any hassle or stress in case your swimsuit doesn’t fit.


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