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30 Day Instagram LOVE Challenge...AGAIN!

Posted on November 16 2020

We did it before and we’re doing it again. What’s that? Another 30 Day Instagram Challenge!


Let us explain a little more. We want to give you a chance to win a $300 Chynna Dolls gift card to use on anything you want. Yes, babes, you read that correctly.That means that trip you’re planning to Tulum is going to be even more lit because your bikini game will be so strong. And we mean anything… So if it’s triangle bikini tops you love, get ‘em all. If it’s thong bikini bottoms, high-waisted bikinis, bikini cover-ups and sexy one-piece swimsuits that are your thing, get ‘em. It’s on us. 

Now here’s what you’ve got to do. For the next 30 days, we need nothing but love from you. That means we want to see you like and comment on EVERY SINGLE CHYNNA DOLLS POST on Instagram. If you’ve commented on and liked ALL the posts at the end of 30 days, you’ll win a gift card. Faves like the Sunset Reversible Thong Bikini, the St. Martin Monokini,  the High-cut leg Sorrento and others could be yours. 

Here are the details. The contest kicks off today...November 16, 2020 and goes for 30 days, ending on December 16, 2020. From today until the end date, like and comment (you could even just drop a “💗”). And you’ve got to be following us--of course. The Chynna Dolls team will definitely be checking and tracking. We’re checking each morning, FYI. 

Oh and you know we love it when you get creative with those comments. But you can always just say “hey.” Get ready to get your scroll and double tap on. We’re thrilled to do this because we love hearing from you, Babes and we love giving you a chance to win our ‘kinis! If you have questions shoot us a DM, we’ll make sure you’ve got it!

Good luck, Babes! It’s go time. 


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