Beautiful California Swimwear Styles that are Perfect for Every Figure


Are you planning your next vacation or an exciting cruise getaway? Or maybe you’re just looking for a great looking swimsuit to take in the summer fun in sunny California. No matter the occasion, it’s important to choose a suit that will flatter your figure, while still being stylish. Fortunately, finding a suit that is stylish and will look great does not have to be difficult.

Let’s face it, every woman has those problem areas she’d like to minimize. A sexy bikini often leaves very little room to hide these imperfections, but with the right California swimwear bikini you can make the most of your positive attributes while downplaying those trouble spots.

For Mid-drift Area

The most common area women want to hide is their mid-drift area. This can include love handles, lower back fat and tummy pouches. Wearing a bikini with high-waisted bottoms is ideal. Usually these are tapered toward the waistline of the bottoms giving that hourglass shape and really just accentuating the right curves. We suggest the Malibu Bottoms from our Chynna Dolls Collection as they also cover your belly button, preventing the muffin-top look.

For Heavy Thighs or Hips

One of the most common areas women want to conceal other than their mid-drifts is the thighs and hips area. To help conceal these areas, bottoms with full coverage and then wear tops that will pull your attention from the bottom half of your body. Tops with plunging necklines or with intricate detailing can help to do this. Chynna Dolls Bikinis that are wonderful for this are the Barbados, which comes in black or red or the Mandalay, which comes in black, white and orchid purple.

For Petite with very little curves

On the other side of the spectrum, we have women who don’t have many curves who may want to appear to have a little more. Smaller bottoms that show a little cheek like the Chynna Dolls Micro Scrunch bottoms as well as Brazlilian cut bottoms are fabulous bottoms for this. High cut bottoms and bottoms with Chynna Dolls’ Signature Scrunch are also ideal for really adding contour. Tops that can help will have embellishments like fringe or ruffles making the bust appear bigger. The Manhattan, Newport and Costa Mesa are great fringe tops Chynna Dolls offers.

These are just a few categories of the many beautiful sizes and shapes of women all around the world. Whether you are planning your next vacation, hitting your local beaches or pool parties, lounging by your pool at home, or just love bikinis, be sure to visit our website or store so that we the staff of Chynna Dolls can help you look great in your very own California bikini.


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