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Do you have a hard time finding the right bikini for you? We have some helpful tips on how to go about choosing swimwear with certain features to help. California waves swimwear company Chynna Dolls has a spectacular selection of bikinis to choose from with different features that can really help your bikini fit better.

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For instance, a majority of the bikini tops in Chynna Dolls’ line have an extra pocket sewn in. This allows you to insert the swimwear padding of your choice. They also sell swimwear padding that conveniently fits into these pockets. Swimwear padding can help add more support for those that need it and it can also help conceal as well. Another wonderful feature of swimwear padding is that it can alleviate the issue of the edges of the triangle top cutting into your skin so that the bikini sits more naturally and looks just right. The only Chynna Dolls bikinis that don’t have this option are the crochets, the reversibles and some of the monokinis.

Another feature in swimwear that can be helpful for many reasons is a scrunch butt bottom. Chynna Dolls has been an innovator in this feature for years and has its “Signature Scrunch” on most of their swimwear bottoms. For more petite individuals this scrunch can make them appear to be more voluptuous. For those with ample curves, the scrunch butt bottom will accentuate those curves in all of the right areas.

Obviously when looking for swimwear, you want to find pieces that will last and not fall apart on you right away. You will want quality fabrics and stitching to not only have the bikini fit on your body but that will also feel great on and will last you through the bikini season. Chynna Dolls takes pride in choosing fabrics and creating styles that will do just that and the swimwear they sell is handmade right here in sunny California.

No matter what shape or size you are, there are always little features in swimwear that can help you out. You just have to find the ones that work for you. Swimwear padding, the Signature Scrunch, and quality handmade products are just some of the features that can help and they can all be found at Chynna Dolls.


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