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Chynna Dolls Travels: Mallorca + Marrakech

Posted on August 01 2018

Image this--you and your best girlfriends going on the trip of your lives to much talked about and exotic places like Barcelona, Mallorca and Marrakech (Morocco). Well, blogger babe Annie May Gay did just that! And she did it in some super cute Chynna Dolls looks. These ladies were slaying in styles like the Lyon Sporty Bikini, the Beverly Crochet Bikini Cover Up, the Delano from the Jessica Burciaga collection and more. 

Five stylish girl bosses went across the pond on the adventure of a lifetime where they laughed, explored, discovered and lived their best life doing everything from swimming in the Crystal waters of Mallorca to lounging like legit boss babes in decadent, centuries old raids. The best part? Annie and her besties, Lashelle, Nikki, Lauren and Brittany, would do it all over again (only with an extra suitcase for souvenirs). So now you’re dying to hear all about the trip right? Well here goes in part one of our #ChynnaDollsTravel series.

P.s. Can we get an invite next time, Annie???

Tell us about the arrival in Marrakech and your immediate feeling....

Immediately Marrakech felt different. As we drove through the city to our AirBnB, it seemed  we were instantly transported into another world. We entered into the Old Medina and in all honesty, it felt like we were in Aladdin, rolling our suitcases through the souks and just taking in the magic.

Describe where you stayed in Morocco.

In Morocco, our  AirBnB was a traditional Moroccan riad — bedrooms on various levels with an open courtyard garden/pool in the center. It was built during the 15th century (I believe). It was beyond beautiful and loaded with character. Each day our breakfast was prepared by an amazing man--Yousef--who would treat us to a traditional Moroccan breakfast for us which included the best fresh mint tea, Moroccan type pancakes, eggs, croissants, fresh squeezed OJ, and coffee.

What is it like traveling with all of your best girls to exotic lands?

Overall it was a lot of fun...we drank and dance a lot! Each of the girls contributed by finding cool places to experience and go to like SoHo House Barcelona. But to be real traveling anywhere with anyone for 10 days has its challenges. And we besties had ours. Kinda like a family vacay there were high and lows, but you love your fam at the end of the day and it’s all good.

What advice would you give to girls traveling to these locations?

My number one advice for Morocco: bring an extra empty suitcase. THE SHOPPING IS AMAZING!!! I wish someone told us to bring an extra suitcase. We each bought several items--some of which didn’t fit in our luggage (I had to leave two dresses behind in Marrakech) and we ended up having to lug them through four airports.

I’d suggest dressing conservatively and wearing a scarf as a hijab. We were received better by locals when we all covered our heads. We also were not bothered as much going through the souks.

Finally, learning some Arabic words like “Shukran” (thank you) helped our overall experience!

What was the most memorable part of the trip?

We all went to Le Bain Bleu, a hammam, together our last day. Traditionally, a hammam is a bathhouse and in modern times operates like a spa. The five of us were scrubbed, bathed, and steamed together in an underground room, then, we were taken to a pool to cool down. Our day ended with an incredible full body massage. This was such a perfect way to end our Marrakech trip.

Talk about your Chynna Dolls bikinis and how they played a part in your trip.

We each LOVED rocking Chynna Dolls suits on this trip. The fits were perfect and just enhanced each of our body types in all the right ways. Because we felt so confident in our bikinis, our beach day in Mallorca was that much more magical. We spent time taking photos and just enjoying the scenery while people looked on like, ‘what the...’ But none of us cared. We felt confident and sexy. And how else should we have celebrated being in paradise?!