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Meet Chynna Dolls Bikini Babe Christina Chaccour

Posted on October 04 2018

We stay on IG--constantly peeping the hottest babes in the game. And there’s one who we can’t get enough of. Say ‘hey girl hey,’ to blogger babe Christina Chaccour (yes, pronounced like Tupac Shakur...goals, right?!). Or @the_tiny as she’s known on the ‘gram. She’s the glam girl who gives no f*cks and never turns down carbs or a cocktail.

What’s to love about Christina? Well for starters, her style. It’s a little rock n’ rock and a whole lot of fun. This is the babe who got married in white booties and a leather jacket, strolled Venice Beach and ate pizza with her new hubby. Why? Because eff wedding cake. Catch Christina in leopard print or in leather or in a bikini and with perfect hair. She’s fresh, she’s unapologetic and she’s a lover of Chynna Dolls Bikinis. Her faves? The Jessie Front Tie Bikini from the Jessica Burciaga Collab and the Savannah Off The Shoulder Bikini in cherry print, naturally! Read on to learn how this babe rolls and what she considers essentials to her diet and why she says bralette bikini tops do the boobies best…

The question everyone is asking right now—bikini or one piece?


What do you do to feel your best in a bikini?

Pilates is my favorite workout so I try and make sure I keep up with my fitness before any activities that require a bikini. And if I still don't feel great, I remind myself there are far bigger problems to have, after all you are in a bikini! Get over it, tell yourself you're beautiful, and make a stiff drink!

Bikinis, burgers and rose. Your thoughts?

I consider these my three main food groups.

What bikini style do you love most (triangle, high-waisted, bralette, sporty etc.) And of course, why?

I love a bralette! Having a bigger bust I feel like the bralette style is the most flattering while still keeping my girls in check (especially after too many tequilas)!

What do you love most about Chynna Dolls bikinis?

There is something for everyone! Chynna Dolls has such an amazing selection of styles, prints and fabrics that no matter my body or my mood at the moment, there is something I'm bound to fall in love with.

You’re a babe on the go—always traveling. What’s the most magical destination that you’ve traveled to?

Maui is by far my favorite destination! Give me anything with a beach, cold drink and good food and I'm a happy girl.

Tell us the best thing about being a blogger babe.

The voice it has given me. I think being relatable, honest and real about issues, insecurities and life is a lot more important than where I got my jeans from.

What's your beauty secret?

Team never washes hair right here!

Favorite beach in the world?

Maui or Santa Monica. I lived in Santa Monica for 4 years and it's where I met my husband. It will always hold a special place in my heart, I have the coordinates tattooed on my forearm.

If you were stranded on a remote beach what three things would you take with you?

My hubby, Taco Bell and of course my Chynna Dolls bikini!

Words you live by...

'This too shall pass'

Finish this sentence: Bikinis go best with ______.