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Meet Chynna Dolls Bikini Babe Nazy Gavahi

Posted on June 06 2018

Our first love? Bikinis. Our second? Boss babes in bikinis! We caught up with serious baddie, Nazanin Gavahi, Founder & Creative Director of ATL-based NGK Agency, avid traveler, girl boss and bikini aficionado to talk about a few of her favorite things (like Brazilian bikini bottoms). 

If you follow Nazy on the ‘gram, then you’re already aware of how fab her world is. And if you aren’t following her--start now. Because when this babe isn’t hosting super sexy events for her luxe clientele, she’s drumming up hilarious captions and jetsetting with her best girls like it’s nothing. Jealous! Nazy, who’s not afraid to make fun of herself, came through with the heat when she rocked the Blue Snake Sorrento from the Nazanin Mandi X Chynna Dolls collection, leaving us all like DAYUM. And besides sharing Persian heritage and a name with Nazanin Mandi (can you feel the love?!), she clearly shares the ability to make us really want this bikini! Soooo we had to chat up this babe. And truth be told, she’s the boss babe bestie that we all need in our lives...Don’t believe us? Keep reading.

First things first...Bikini or One Piece? 

Bikini! One pieces only on the last day of vacay… after days of gluttony.

How many bikinis do you think you own?

Over 75 for sure… you know you have a problem when even that is not enough!

Tell us how you stay bikini ready?

You look fab! I love to eat (A LOT) and don’t always have time to work out consistently like I sould. So, I get bikini ready by cutting back on carbs and sugar for 1-2 weeks before a beach vacay. I LOVE hot yoga, FlyWheel Barre Classes and Barry’s Bootcamp when I do find time to squeeze in a workout. Another trick- I stay tan to look more toned!

What do you like most about Chynna Dolls bikinis?

I love that women of all shapes and sizes can wear them. Bikini companies tend to fit one body type best and that’s the model thin figure… finding a bikini that fits the curvy girl is not as easy, but Chynna Dolls fits like a glove. Also, who doesn’t like a Brazilian bottom??

Travel is major. What's your absolute favorite place in the world?

Tulum and Morocco were my top 2 favorite places I have been. Next on my need-to-see hit list is Greece and the Amalfi Coast 😊

You are a legit #BossBabe and you run your own branding agency...AMAZING. What advice would you give to babes looking to follow their dreams and start their own business?

The best two pieces of advice I could give are to Walk to the beat of your own drum and if you want to be a leader, act like a leader. We are living in an era where the saying “women in power” has become more of a reality than a dream and I am fortunate that the path was paved before me. There is power in numbers and women need to champion and support each other! After all, this isn’t a man’s world anymore.

What's the best piece of advice you've ever received?

Cultivate a network and never accept No for an answer. This has taught me that the answer “No” is only a temporary position.

Poolside or beachside?


Name a song that perfectly describes your summer 2018 mood.

Nice for What

Finish this sentence:

Bikinis go best with _________ . laser hair removal LOL… and fresh coconuts