Top California Swimwear Styles to Invest in This Summer


Summer is literally just around the corner now, and if you’re going to be enjoying the California sun, you’d do well to come prepared and armed with the latest swimsuit trends in your wardrobe. Whether it be a classic one-piece or an itsy-bitsy two-piece, it would certainly be to your advantage to always wear it with confidence.

Meanwhile, here are some styles for trendy California swimwear that you could invest in to look your summer best at the beach or poolside.

Swimwear Styles to Invest

Mixed Prints

Designs have gotten a lot bolder, both in the mixture of prints and colors. Intricate mosaic-like styles have taken over what are otherwise plain bikini tops and bottoms, making sure that you’ll be turning heads as you strut past, for all the right reasons. These pieces may not necessarily be as flexible in terms of your mix-n’-matching needs, but if you play your colors right, it still should be possible to put two distinct design prints together.


One-piece swimsuits have long been considered to be more fitting for a demure look on the beach. However, modern designs are now putting the sexy back into these pieces by taking advantage of areas that could effectively highlight a woman’s natural curves, such as a low cut at the back, or a slimming contour following the shape of the waist.

Vertical panel cutouts on the cleavage area also tend to be a good opportunity to come up with intricate pattern designs while also giving a creative interpretation of peek-a-boo styles. High thigh cuts are also a surefire way to showcase your long, shapely legs.

Block Colors

They’re solid and they’re back, making for high-style pieces. Block colors actually work best on one-piece items, as the fullness of the cloth’s coverage makes the effect of the colors stand out all the more. Samples of stylish block colors would include nudes contrasted with dark colors like black.

Flouncy Tops

Another style that you would most likely see a lot of this summer would be flouncy tops. This basically features a frilly layer on top of the bustier, and falls off the shoulder for a more feminine effect. It’s more fitting for lounging poolside or at the beach, though, and not nearly as practical for those intending to do actual laps.

For high quality California bikini wear, make sure to rely only on credible retailers such as Chynna Dolls. Consider your swimsuits as investment pieces for the beach season, so it only follows that you should also make sure to get well-made items with flattering designs.


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