Tips for Buying the Right California Bathing Suits for this Summer

Perhaps it is because of the very limited coverage of the material of a swimsuit that makes it highly crucial that you get a piece that fits you to a T. The last thing you’d want to happen on the beach or poolside this summer is to experience wardrobe malfunction.

Also, since ‘tis the season for baring bikini bodies, you would want to make sure that you’ll look your best while also being confident and comfortable. This is why you should heed these simple tips to help you make a better informed purchase when checking out California bathing suits.

right california bathing suits

Determine Body Shape

The very first thing that you should have before going on a swimwear shopping adventure is your body shape. There still are style rules to be followed for bikinis, all of which are designed specifically for you to get the best-looking results when you put it on.

Curvy silhouettes, for example, are perfect for those who have an athletic build, which means they have lean, but straight torsos. Apple-shaped bodies, meanwhile, have a heavier bust area and broad shoulders, which should then be balanced out by wearing a plain top paired with a printed bottom. The same rule can be said of those with a triangle body shape, wherein the top is narrow, but the hip area widens out.

The point to all these rules, basically, is to make sure that you complement the opposing shape elements of your body in order to draw out the balance between them. Where there is a wide, prominent section, draw attention away from it and towards the narrower end.

If the Fit is Right

You’d want everything to be in their proper place, with nothing spilling out unnecessarily. Especially if you would be doing certain water sports like surfing you’d want to wear pieces that are ready for California waves. Your choice, therefore, should be able to hold its place even if water flows against it, threatening to dislodge it from your body.

Style that Suits You

Last but not the least, you’d want to find swimwear that would be able to express your personality, just like any other regular item in your wardrobe. Shops like Chynna Dolls have various options that you can select from so that you can find that piece that you’d definitely be glad to wear outside this summer.


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Swimwear and Your Body Type: Find the Perfect Match for the Best Look

Much like everything else, women come in all shapes and sizes, thereby making swimwear shopping in California a challenge for many. With the hot, summer months peeking at the corner and soon to turn beaches into the top spots to go to, you’ll want to have fun under the sun and look great while doing so. The key is to wear the best swimsuit that complements your body. Here are some tips:

Swimsuit Shopping Tips: Three Myths about Bathing Suits, Debunked

Remember when you went shopping for a swimsuit with your BFF and you had your eye on a really cute navy bikini, but she told you that you should find a black monokini instead because it will make you look slimmer? Although she’s on point, black isn’t the only color that will make those curves disappear—dark green, brown, charcoal gray, plum, and yes, navy can do the trick as well. Makes you wish you could have gone with your guts that time, doesn’t it?

California Bikini: Finding the Right Type, Function, and Color for You

Anyone can look gorgeous in a bikini as long as they know how to choose the right design, make, and color. If you can find the best pair of California swimwear for you, then you can pull off wearing a bikini no matter your body type. Here are some tips on choosing the one that matches your needs and looks.

Advantages of Wearing California Bathing Suits That Perfectly Fit

Don’t rush into buying a pair of swimsuits. Don’t make a purchase just because it’s on sale or it looks good on a mannequin. These are not reasons enough to spend money on a pair of swimwear. In fact, what you should only be looking at is to see whether it fits. Otherwise, refrain from shelling out money until you find the right one that makes you feel confident because it fits you properly.

A Handy Guide in Choosing the Right Swimwear for Different Body Types

When it comes to picking that perfect California bikini, you pause a moment at all the fashionable selections that are in front of you. As you pick and choose, you may also wonder what could possibly be the best bikini for your body type.