Valentine's Bikini Vibes

Valentine's Bikini Vibes

Valentine's Bikini Vibes

We’re into one of our favorite months--February. We love it because it’s short (so we get closer to summer) and it’s sweet thanks to Valentine’s Day! All of your hotties are, no doubt, obsessing over our 2020 first wave--and all of the sexy monokinis, thong bikinis and strappy bikinis. Another reason to love it though, are all of the must-haves for your Vday getaways. 

Whether you and bae are getting away to somewhere warm for the weekend or you’re hitting some tropical spot with your girls for Valentine’s Day, you’re gonna need a bikini. Our top picks? Check ‘em out. 

top l to r: Antalya Bandeau Bikini, red ; Sorrento High Cut Bikini, neon pink; Victoria Padded Bikini, neon pink ; Lourdes Strappy Bikini, red + black

top l to r: Laguna String Bikini, white cherries ; Samoa Micro Bikini, gold chain

And while we wanted to share some of our fave bikinis, we also wanted to share some of our absolute favorite Valentine’s Day quotes--and yes, we had to include a quote from Drake. Babes love Drake quotes and they are perfect for when you post those bikini pics on IG. 



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