1. Is there a store location?

    Anaheim Store Location:

    2380 E. Orangethorpe Avenue

    Anaheim, CA 92806



           Store Hours: Monday-Friday: 10am-6pm 

                                 Saturday: 11am-5pm

                                 Sunday: Closed


    2. What is our Signature Scrunch?

      Think of our Signature Scrunch as a bra for your butt. It is an innovative design that helps lift and contour the bikini to your shape. With other bikini bottoms, the weight of the water will pull the bottoms down resulting in a saggy look. Our Signature Scrunch fixes this problem by contouring and giving you a nice curve to look good in and out of the water. Chynna Dolls originally developed this design over 10 years ago and is known throughout the industry for carrying the trendiest and largest selection of Signature Scrunch Bikinis.


      3. What is Swimwear Lining? Can I wear my bikini in the water without damaging it?

         All of our bikinis come with swimwear lining where needed. It adds an extra layer of protection and thickness inside the bikini. The tops will come fully swimwear lined. The bottoms are usually half swimwear lined to accommodate a more flattering Signature Scrunch design. However, there are some of our bottoms that will either be double layered or fully swimwear lined.


        4. What is Swimwear Padding?

          This swimwear padding is a set of custom pads designed to fit the tops of your bikini. These pads are removable and interchangeable. They provide extra support and/or thickness to the bikini tops. Most of our bikini tops accommodate swimwear padding. The only ones that may not would be that of some of our one-piece bikinis or our crochet bikinis.


          5. What sizes are available?

            Tops and bottoms come in S, M, and L. Our One Piece Bikinis come in S, M, and L. All of our Crochet Bikinis come in S, M, and L. Our bikinis that have the sizes SM and/or ML are on clearance and will no longer be carried once inventory runs out. These bikinis are sold as sets only, not as separates. For further information on sizing please check out our Sizing Charts page.


            6. What if items I receive do not fit?

              Please refer to our Returns/Exchanges page.


              7. Can I make a custom order online?

                No. The custom order specialist handles all custom orders. Please contact the specialist by contacting us and ask to place a custom order. You will be contacted back within 24-48 hours.


                8. Can I order online and pick up at the store?

                  No, the store and website have separate stocks and sometimes inventory may differ. If you would like to pick up at the store, the best method is to call in, provide the sku number of the item you wish to purchase and they will let you know if they have it in stock. If they don’t, and the website does have it in stock, it would be best to purchase it and have it sent to you.



                  9. There are multiple pending charges on my account. Why are there pending charges on my account when my order did not go through or only 1 order was placed?

                     When using debit or credit cards, some banks will put a hold on the amount even if the transaction was voided and uncollected by us (this is usually the case for debit cards). The hold is in the form of a pending charge and is not a settled transaction. The issuing card companies or banks usually resolve this within 3 business days but it may take up to 30 business days. This is a transaction policy that is imposed by your bank even if the transaction was denied and uncollected by us.


                    10. Does the FREESHIP promo code include all shipping options?

                    No. The FREESHIP promo code only applies to orders within the US that are $100.00 or more before tax. It also only applies to standard shipping and does not include expedited shipping. 


                    11. Do bikini tops and bottoms sell as sets or individually?

                    Most of our bikini sets have bottoms and tops selling as individual pieces. All you have to do is select the item and size and click "add to cart" after each item. Although the product description includes both top and bottom, please be sure that you order each item that you would like. With the product items that sell as separates; tops, padding and bottoms are each individual items. 

                    The crochet 2 piece bikinis and anything on clearance will be sold as a set.


                    12. Care Instructions for Swimwear: 

                    All Swimwear should be hand washed with a mild soap immediately after use and and laid flat to dry naturally. Especially the Crochet Pieces. 

                    Do not machine wash or dry. Do not Bleach.