Meet Chynna Dolls Ambassador: Amanada

Meet Chynna Dolls Ambassador: Amanada

Meet Chynna Dolls Ambassador: Amanada

Over the last year, we’ve added a ton of babes to our Chynna Dolls Ambassador squad, but there’s one we’re sure you’ve all seen religiously rockin’ ‘kinis and posting--Amanda. Amanda is the Huntington Beach native who never misses a bikini moment--oh and she looks hot AF in all our styles, btw. She’s the girl with the infectious smile, the super sweet disposition and the abs. We caught up with Amanda and got to know her a little better. Read on to learn how she hangs in Huntington Beach, why she’s all about Thailand and what Chynna Dolls bikini style suits her best.


The question everyone is asking right now—bikini or one piece? 

'Kini after the gym 💪 One piece after a burrito 🤰🏻 

What do you do to feel your best in a bikini?

Heavy squats, and bike.

What do you love most about Chynna Dolls?

I’ve been wearing Chynna Dolls for years now, before I had an Instagram, and I’ve stuck with them.

You’re a Huntington Beach babe, so what’s the ideal bikini day for you?

Chill my pool with a good book, a journal, and good music.

Favorite beach in the world?

Too many beautiful beaches in the world to choose one, 🙈 but my favorite so far has been San Blas Islands in Panama.

What’s the best vacation you’ve been on? / Best place you’ve traveled to?

The best vacation I’ve went on was recently to Tulum and before that was a trip years ago I took to Thailand. I say Tulum because of the vibe and who I was with. Thailand because of the views, excursions and culture.

If you’re not in a bikini you’re doing what?

Snacking or in the gym

If you were stranded on a remote beach with three things what would you take with you?

Sunblock, bag of snacks, and good music.

Best spots in HB (food, coffee, shopping)?

Sushi On Fire is my favorite place to eat! I eat there like once a week. I love to bike to dog beach. It’s my favorite place to soak up some good energy and people watch (and dog watch)--It’s filled with happiness.

Words you live by...

“Everything happens for a reason” and “Nothing is impossible”

Finish this sentence: Bikinis go best with...

Confidence. Love yo self 💗

-Live happy!



- poolside or beachside? 

I like both


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