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The Bralette vs. Triangle Bikini Top

Posted on May 29 2018

Just when you think you know everything there is to know about bikinis...Usually we’re giving you the game on what to buy and where to wear, but today we’re here to give all you bikini babes a lesson in tops.

For years the only top anyone wanted was the sexy triangle top, but in 2018 things are changing. Ladies are not only wearing the triangle bikini top, but the sporty bikini crop top, the halter bikini top, the lace up bikini top, the off the shoulder bikini top and our new fave, the bralette bikini top.


Mee the bralette, similar to the triangle in shape, but significantly different in support and fit. The bralette bikini top style is kind of like lingerie borrowing it’s look a soft bra with no wires, no padding or molded cups. Like the triangle, it’s a lightweight top, but offers a little more coverage. Why? Because those cups aren’t adjustable. You can also expect a bralette to have thin straps, so it’s an super fit no matter what size your boobies may be. Chynna Dolls bralette tops are all the rage right now--no really. And that’s thanks to adjustable straps that connect to a classic self tie back. Bralettes come in more sporty styles too, but you know, we like to keep it sexy! Here are a few of our faves....


There is nothing more classic than a triangle top. You’ve been seeing it FOR-EVER! And we’ve been making them forever. A triangle bikini top wins in the sexy department and it’s a sure fit for practically all the boobies--big or small. The triangle shaped pieces of fabric are adjustable and fixed to a single string along the bust, which you tie in the back. The top features a set of strings that you tie around the neck. The appeal of the triangle bikini top? It’s known for making boobies look GOOD! It makes them look fuller, more symmetric and draws major attention to them. Triangle bikini tops can come with or without padding too. Here are a few of our faves...


 Keep in mind, babes that padding is ALWAYS an option! Just ask us. Not only will it give you a little extra boob, but it'll provide support and comfort, no matter how big or small the girls may be!



Small to medium boobs



D cups or bigger



Ties in the back and around the neck



Adjustable straps


More coverage on the boob


Makes boobies look bigger


Less coverage



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