What are 'No Ties' Bikini Bottoms?

What are 'No Ties' Bikini Bottoms?

What are 'No Ties' Bikini Bottoms?

Most of you babes are loyal babes and you’ve been shopping with us for years and already know how things go. But maybe you’re new to the world of Chynna Dolls and not sure what’s what, where to, or how to. So we’re here to help you!

When you’re shopping the site see the dropdown menu, you’re probably like, ‘cool, easy, I’m about to get a cute new bikini for my vacay.’ But then you see “NO TIES” and you’re like ‘what, wait, huh?’ Well, here’s a little bit about what that means and why it might just be the best thing for your bikini vibe. 


For most bikinis we offer two types of bottoms, side-ties and no ties. Side-ties are self-explanatory. However ‘no ties’ is our way of saying adjustable sides. We’ve talked about the difference before in our Side Tie vs Adjustable Bikini Bottoms blog. With no side-ties you can determine just how tight your bottoms are fitting and in turn you can adjust how much cheek you show. Bottom line, the no tie option puts you in control. 


Babes love side ties for a number of reasons. One reason being the hardware that adds a sexy and luxe touch to your suit. We keep it top notch with gold-tone hardware. The second is that no ties offers a cleaner silhouette on your body and under swim coverups. Plus with no ties you get a super sexy even tanline. Ayyye! We offer almost all of our basic bottom styles in a no tie option from our Rio thong, classic Laguna string bikini, Venice micro bikini and ultra sexy Sorrento high cut bikini. Since launching this feature in 2018, it’s been a fave. We’re sure you’re gonna love it. 


So now that you know what’s up, select the NoTie option on the bikini of your choice and add it to your cart. So many bikini babes are going this route this season bc they’re all about the simplicity of this style. Peep our Instagram to see some real life Chynna Dolls babes showing off in no tie sides. Here are a few that caught our attention:



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