2020 Photoshoot: Behind the Scenes

2020 Photoshoot: Behind the Scenes

2020 Photoshoot: Behind the Scenes

You know bikini season kicks off in January around here. Crazy right? From the end of the summer and straight through the holiday season, we were here developing, fitting and creating all the sexy swimsuits that you’ll be showing off in for the upcoming 2020 ‘kini season. But of course, before we can bring them to you, we’ve gotta shoot them.

And that’s what happened last week. The Chynna Dolls team along with our fave photog Tiffany Jewels, make-up mama Natalie aka Hustle Mentality and mega babes, Elizabeth Smith and Dessie Mitcheson met up for a full on bikini day. 

We headed back to OC Mansion where we shot the babes last year. Why? Because it’s amazing! See for yourself. The whole location oozes bikini life with the perfect pool that looks out to the OC and beyond to the LA skyline. 

So what’s up with the 2020 Chynna Dolls bikini collection? Well it’s sexy AF. And that was clear from the first look. Once Natalie gave the girls some glam, it was nothing but magic from there. Elizabeth, who changed up her look a bit, showed up with super glam blonde waves and veteran Chynna Dolls babe, Dessie was everything with her long beachy locks. 

Sure it was cold--and the girls were decked in ‘kinis with socks to keep from freezing--but the looks were super hot. From new versions of your favorite push up bikinis like the Victoria and remixed St. Martins (omg, dying over the new prints) with cute little belts along with new soon-to-be faves like the London wrap around one piece, we had an amazing day. 

The sun lit up the entire location, making the girls glow. With a mix of Diplo and CD-approved trap music, we laughed, danced and created looks that are going to rule your entire bikini season. We’re talking about new triangle bikini tops, thong bikinis, sexy one piece swimsuits, cheeky bikinis and more. 

Think we’re playing? Not even. We paired chain belts with one-pieces, headbands with optional sleeve bandeau bikini tops, cut-out monokinis with lucite heels and chunky gold accessories. All we’re saying is if shooting Chynna Dolls 2020 collection is any indication of what kind of bikini season we’re in for, it’s going to be the best yet…

Oh and the first wave drops 1.31.20, so be ready!


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