Chynna Dolls Swimwear 2019: Behind The Scenes

Chynna Dolls Swimwear 2019: Behind The Scenes

Chynna Dolls Swimwear 2019: Behind The Scenes

We know you’re all ready for us to drop that new 2019 Chynna Dolls Bikini Collection, but first we wanted to share a little behind the scenes from our super fun photoshoot with mega babes, Avalon Dawn, Lauren York and Elizabeth Smith.

After days of rain (yeah SoCal rain, cray), we were a little concerned, but what happened was something magical--sort of. The sky opened up to reveal a gorgeous sun that played a game of peek-a-boo behind billowy clouds. The result? Some good lighting and the promise of an amazing bikini shoot ahead. It was two days of teeny bikinis, triangle tops, sexy one piece swimsuits, babes, memorable moments and more.


The babes arrived, the Chynna Dolls team got organized, fave photogs Tiffany Jewels and Shot by MAC got set up and make-up maven, Nisie or better known as Badd Belizean worked her magic on the babes. It was two days of bikini magic...really!

The location, the OC Mansion, was gorgeous with a backyard space that bikini babes daydream about--set high in the hills of Orange and overlooking the city as far out as Downtown LA. The expansive views were a perfect backdrop to an infinity pools, lush greenery and the Mediterranean architecture of the house.

With Cardi B playing in the background and our fearless (and super adorbs) boss lady, Heather calling the shots, the team got to work...and well the images speak for themselves...

This season we’ve gone brighter and bolder with eye-catching neons, pretty florals, sexy cuts, lots of thong bikinis and details, details, details. We’ve added luxe hardware, decadent straps and eyelash lace, contrasting trims and styles that you’re going to die for. 

Oh and this season’s accessories? You’re gonna love those hats, statement earrings, macrame cover-ups. You just died, we know.

It’s coming babes, but enjoy these shots for now. Who's’ excited??? We can’t wait to share it all with you!!


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