The Tropics by Way of Bikinis

The Tropics by Way of Bikinis

The Tropics by Way of Bikinis

 So, you can’t jetsett to Greece this summer. Or that trip to Oahu is going to require a 14 day quarantine before you can start doing your thing. Our thoughts? Who cares!

Rather than worry about going to exotic or  tropical locations this summer, you bring the tropical vibes. The way to do that? In a tropical flower bikini, of course. We’ve been catching babes in tropical flower bikinis all over the place--from their backyard to local getaways, girls are living for these prints. 

And if you know Chynna Dolls, you know that every year we make it a point to design a handful of standout floral bikinis. This season we had a ton of fun with prints like Happy Hibiscus, Tahitian and Amazon. These bright and bold picks come off of last year’s more delicate favorites like Tropical Butterfly (still a major fave), Spring Bouquet and Blue Tropical.

Take Me to Tahitian

We’d be lying if we didn’t tell you the Tahitian Print is one of our most popular 2020 bikini season prints! Babes are all about it. And because of that, we decided to offer it in all of your favorite styles--Laguna String Bikini, Rio Thong Bikini, Hermosa, Sorrento and Venice Micro Bikini. Perfect, right? 

What’s to Love: The colors! This print has a lowkey vintage 80’s vibe, so it reminds you of your favorite suit from childhood. It’s the perfect mix of neon and moody with dark green leaves and bright flowers. So whether you’ve got a killer tan or not, this print is perfection. 

Location: Gives you that all day, everyday, Tulum vibe. 

Don’t Worry Be Happy Hibiscus

Florals on a white background? Umm hell yes. This combo always wins and this year’s Happy Hibiscus print proves that. With pink as the leading shade, the pretty print features a ton of bold flowers along with delicate blue and green palms to make it pop. Like the Tahitian print, we’ve designed this in all of the classic styles. And FYI, this print is so hot in the Sorrento High Cut Bikini. Just peep our bae, Anastasia Supernova in it. 

What’s to Love: The contrast. You can still show up in a white bikini, but without white bikini worries. The colors are so vibrant and look even more amazing in the sun. It’s fair to say that you’ll love how it makes you feel and in turn, you’ll be, well, happy! 

Location: Like the sun kissed beaches of Maui with the tide rolling in and out. 

Amazon Prime

We love a bright neon floral, but what about a dark and moody one too? Done. For this bikini season, we launched the Amazon print, where pretty orange, pink and dark purple flowers sit against a black background. To give the Amazon print a little more attitude, we added leopard panels and trims  to some of the styles. Why? Because we know you babes love leopard print bikinis like no other, duh! How amazing are the color combos? We’re obsessed.  We designed three styles in this print. A classic Laguna String Bikini, the super sexy Tahiti Strappy Bikini and the Sunset Colorblock Thong Bikini. Yes, you need them all.

What’s to Love: The unexpectedness of it all. When the dark background, the bright tropical flowers and the leopard print come together, it’s bomb. No matter your skin tone or body type this print makes every babe standout. It’s a “get noticed” kind of print and if that’s what you want, that’s what you’ll get without a doubt. Plus the fabrication is super soft and comfy, which all bikini babes love. 

Location: Remote and sexy jungles of Bali, deep into the luxe hotel hideaways of St. Lucia and the Garden Route of South Africa. 

All The Pretty Flowers

The florals don’t stop there. We’ve got tons and tons  of florals to choose from. Throwback prints with big bold flowers and some faves with delicate blooms peppered all of the suits. So, if you want a high-waisted ‘kini with a delicate floral, we’ve got it. Or an itsy bitsy bikini with some standout florals, those are here too. Shop them all here. 


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