Enjoy the Warm Weather Soon and Pick the Right Swimwear for Sunbathing

Not everyone who wears a swimsuit wants to go in the water. Some women might just want to relax with a good book by the pool or soak up a few of the suns ray’s while laying out on the sand.

Whatever the case may be, there is a perfect swimsuit out there for women who simply want to kick back and let their skin tan to a perfect brown. Here is a look at some of the different California waves swimwear styles that are perfect for sunbathers.

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What do ruffles add to the mix? Well, ruffles help add to that flirty appeal that a bikini already brings, and will definitely give that come hither vibe when you are looking for a young stud to come and put some lotion on your back. Chynna Dolls’ version of the ruffle is the lace in their Naples and Kauai bikinis. They will also be releasing even more lace bikinis in their 2016 line.

Color Blocks

For those that love to mix and match, there is nothing better than a good color blocking to add that extra bit of spice to a swimsuit. But it doesn’t just have to be a different top and bottom or wild patterns; in fact, adding a simple ruffle or bow in the middle of the top can add just the right punch of color to bring some style to your sunbathing. The bows on Chynna Dolls’ Makena bikinis as well as even with the lace bikinis accomplish color blocking and don’t forget their large collection of Mix and Match Solids!


If you don’t plan on getting wet and would like a bit of glamour, then a vintage suit that resembles something out of the 40’s might be the right fit for you. Bikinis with a high waist and polka dot patterns often fit this mold, and you can find plenty of those that modernize the look with a halter top. One of the best bikini styles that Chynna Dolls has is the Malibu High-waisted Shorts with the Bandeau top. It achieves this vintage look and can even be custom made in polka-dot prints etc.


Since you won’t be moving around too much, a strapless suits make the perfect California bathing suits for those that want to simply bask in the sun. The bandeau to mentioned above is perfect as the straps are removable and Chynna Dolls is releasing some gorgeous strapless one piece swimsuits in their 2016 line.

But What If I Want to Swim?

You can still enjoy the water even with these types of bathing suits on, however the one thing you need to pay attention to is the straps. If you plan on just splashing around and cooling off, then a thin strap is fine. But if you want to actually go in and do some laps, you will probably need something a bit sturdier. A lot of Chynna Dolls bikinis are great for light swimming and some of the one piece bikinis are definitely good for lap swimming.


Swimwear Trends That Are Perfect for Sunbathing,

Finding Quality California Swimsuitwears That You Look and Feel Great In

Do you have a hard time finding the right bikini for you? We have some helpful tips on how to go about choosing swimwear with certain features to help. California waves swimwear company Chynna Dolls has a spectacular selection of bikinis to choose from with different features that can really help your bikini fit better.

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Are you longing for the warm weather you love to wear your bikinis in during this winter season? Well take yourself and your beachwear to Thailand! There, it is warm and spring like all year long and you can really just escape. Take a dip in the ocean, lay on Thailand’s beautiful beaches, or even go for a nice hike. The ideal weather really allows you to enjoy the great outdoors and really step into the scene in your California made Chynna Dolls Bikini.

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Planning your next vacation? Take a mental escape with us to Maui where you can wear your favorite Chynna Dolls bikini all year round. This island’s weather is warm with a decent dose of humidity all year round but the breezy trade winds that flow through the islands really make the weather perfect bikini weather

Beautiful California Swimwear Styles that are Perfect for Every Figure

Are you planning your next vacation or an exciting cruise getaway? Or maybe you’re just looking for a great looking swimsuit to take in the summer fun in sunny California. No matter the occasion, it’s important to choose a suit that will flatter your figure, while still being stylish. Fortunately, finding a suit that is stylish and will look great does not have to be difficult.

Top Trends in Bikini Swim Wear

Summer continues to sizzle and bikinis are still hitting the pools and beaches. We have seen many styles this year, from the tradition, to the creative, and to the bold. We sit down and evaluate the top swim wear styles and trends for 2015.
  1. Animal Print Bikinis
Bikinis with a little tribal or jungle flair to them gives off a sexy, fashionable vibe. New and established designers are continuing to ramp up their collections with animal print styles for bikini tops and bottoms.
  1. Caged Bikini Tops
Caged bikini tops cover up some more of the rib drift, which gives off the look of an elongated torsoe. This is for the woman who aims to look like a thin, slim, and toned supermodel. Rocking these suits allows for a sexier look that covers just a bit more skin at the same time.
  1. Crop Top Bikinis
Crop top bikinis are a must to get the beach girl-on-the-go look. There are many sporty bra tops that give off maximum support for larger busts, and criss-cross straps for a sporty look. These tops are so versatile that can they can go great with days out jogging or playing volleyball.
  1. Wrap Bikini Tops
Wrap bikini tops cover a bit more of the rib drift, which allows the woman to show off what she wants to highlight! They support and cover the bust while emphasizing the woman’s natural curves.
  1. High Waisted Pin Up Bikinis with Cut Outs
High waisted pin up bikinis are a favorite among beach goers. They give off a retro look with a little bit of chic modern flair, creating the ultimate swimwear package. It creates a sexy trend that shows off the hips, and in terms of swimwear, more exposed skin is better.
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